安全协议 & 包清单




This webpage includes information that will be helpful for you and your child in preparation 对营.  For further inquiries please give us a call at (671) 735-2600 or email dafabet黄金手机版在 adventuresportscamp@triton.shesusthrice.com. To Register, click the "Camp 登记" tab below! 

一个教育… your child’s development is important to us.

一场冒险… exploration is the key to learning.

还有很多乐趣… that’s what we’re here for!

The dafabet黄金手机版 Adventure/Sports Camp places a major emphasis on the successful growth and development of each individual camper’s overall health and well-being.  dafabet黄金手机版的营地 not merely a daycare service, but an environment that fosters positive ideas leading to new goals and aspirations in both the camper’s home and school setting with regard 学习与生活.  Principles such as values, morals, and respect exist in the 日常操作.  With the high incidence of obesity, heart disease, physical inactivity, and diabetes on our island, it is our mission to enable an environment that promotes health, physical activity, recreation, and lifetime wellness with the intent to reduce negative health behaviors, resulting in empowering campers to make 生活中健康的选择.

In addition, our program is all about promoting an environment filled with fun team building programs, environmental awareness, sportsmanship, fairness, and creating friendships among campers and staff.  Our desire is that every camper takes home a smile, new friendships and skills, especially many positive camp memories to share with loved ones at the end of each day.

Summer is always in the air on Guam and we are excited about the prospect of having your child be a part of this wonderful camp experience.  dafabet黄金手机版希望你准备好了 learning, exploration, and fun!

Campers will engage in daily physical activity, skill development in various sports, participate in recreational games, and be exposed to educational programs the university 社区必须提供.

Our counselors emphasize to the campers the importance of developing lifelong healthy choices, fitness, and recreational skills which are conducive to an overall positive and healthier quality of life.

The camp is broken down by age groups to account for maturity and physical development to ensure safer participation:

    • ABC夏令营(5-6岁)
    • 营地发现(7-8岁)
    • 夏令营探险家(9-11岁)
    • 极限夏令营(12-15岁) 

CAMP SESSIONS (Summer 2021 has been CANCELLED)



**The 冒险运动野营 schedule may be updated at the camp director's discretion.**


Camp runs weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Parents can drop 从 their children at 7:30 AM and pick them up no later than 5:30 PM.

Camp will not be 从ered on the following holidays:

*Independence Day, Observed on July 4


Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm 

(No Camp on 假期 or weekends)


Camper drop-从 is scheduled between 7:30am to 8:00am with pick-up between 5:00 pm 到下午5:30. Both pick up and drop 从 are located at the dafabet黄金手机版卡尔沃野外住宅, unless 指定的其他地方. Parents will be notified ahead of time of changes in pick up/drop 从.
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冒险运动野营 Credit Card Authorization Form





MUST Show Proof of Residency (i.e Mayor’s Verification, Power Bill, etc)
Does not include Transportation Fees & 旅行费用


$225.00 USD per additional child/per session 

$500. 00 USD/per session (Non-Resident Rate per child)

Non-resident rate includes Lunch, Snack, Transportation Fees, & 旅行费用


请在银行付款 Global Learning and Engagement (GLE) 从ice, located on the second floor of the MARC/Computer 中心大楼.


The GLE 从ice is open from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday (关闭 on Government of Guam 假期 and weekends).


电话:735 - 2600/2601

传真:734 - 1233

电子邮件: adventuresportscamp@triton.shesusthrice.com


Monday-Friday 九时正~ 03:00PM
周末 & 假期 关闭





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